We offer three main types of poultry fence, one is the traditional hexagonal netting which requires a frame or supporting wires to create the fence, the other two are strong galvanised wire, much stronger than hexagonal net. One is for fencing smaller areas, making runs and enclosures - it is easy to install and is ideal for DIY projects. The other net made by Tornado wires is designed for larger areas and longer fence lengths - it does require some fencing knowledge and specialist equipment to install.

Poultry Net for small areas, runs and enclosures

You have a choice of heights and roll sizes

900mm (3’) high in 30m
1200mm (4’) high in 30m
1800mm (6’) high 25m rolls

The fence is a 50 x 50mm (2” x 2”) – 16g wire, galvanised mesh - strong and yet lightweight constructed to form a rigid and safe fence with smooth sides to prevent accidental injury.

Traditional hexagonal net is available in heights from 900mm to 1.2m. Fence installation just requires using 25/30mm staples to fix it onto suitably sized wooden posts all of which we have in stock.  It can also be fixed to wooden frames to make runs and enclosures.

The ideal DIY Poultry Fence.

Tornado Poultry Net

Tornado Poultry net fulfils very specific requirements, it is designed as a commercial poultry net, and is more suited to larger poultry areas than normally required in a domestic situation. It keeps chickens in and prevents burrowing under the netting, so effectively deterring predators. Importantly, it achieves this while remaining cost effective. Manufactured from 2mm Hi-Tensile wire, it's spring like properties enable the fence to flex under pressure but remain secure when attached to suitable straining posts. The 75mm vertical wires keep the birds safe from harm. and it is available in 50 or 100 metre rolls.

Tornado Poultry Fencing would normally be erected with approximately 330mm turned out, giving a finished height of 1250mm. It can be used in conjuction with an off-set electric wire for added security.






Tornado Poultry Fence erected full height, with three  electric fence lines for added security against foxes.There are two bottom wires to deter burrowing, and one top wire to prevent  foxes climbing over.

Electric Poultry Fencing

Electric poultry fencing correctly installed, is the most cost effective, and efficient poultry fencing you can use for medium to large areas.
If you plan to make a permanent enclosure then use wooden posts with strained wire. We have working demonstration areas for customers to view options and techniques for permanent fencing.

Electric poultry net is quick and easy to erect, this makes it an ideal flexible enclosure. The net is sold in 50 or 25 mtr lengths. If several nets are installed in a line it is advisable to run an extra wire along the top for better conductivity.

Electric Poultry Kits

...... are available with either a 25m or 50m roll of net.
All you need in addition is a lead out cable, if you choose to power it from the mains, or a 12v leisure type battery, if mains power is not available or practical.
There is approx 10% saving on cost by buying these kits, which are available from stock.
See "Poultry kits" for prices


Fence indicators are connected directly to the fence line, we recommend ones which flash clearly only when there is more than 3,000v output. These provide a quick and easy check whenever you are near the fence, and are visible from a greater distance at night. When added to a chicken fence they increase the deterrent value of the fence as foxes seem to associate flashing light to the electric fence.
We recommend the "Agrifence Signal Light"
Details on "Fence Testers and Accessories"