Post and Rail

Post and Rail Fencing

We specialise in the installation of wooden post and rail fencing in whatever style you choose, whether it is to contain horses, a boundary fence or to enhance your property. Most commonly used is either half round or square sawn rails. We use redwood timber in the construction of most fences unless a hardwood is specified.

Half Round

With half round rails, we only use fully round posts, this provides a far more substantial fence than using half round posts. Every rail is cut to fit and fixed with galvanised nails, providing a top quality finish. With 100mm rails, we use 100mm diameter machined posts, driven at consistant depths, accurately into the ground. Post lengths are related to fence heights.

Square Sawn

Posts used are normally 125 x 75mm, with rails either 100 x 38mm or 87 x 38mm. We are able to drive in, and line up the posts accurately using our purpose designed tools and machinery.

POST & RAIL FENCING  -  " installation made easy "

We drive the posts directly into the ground, making a strong and durable fence very cost effectively. Our experience and machinery combine to provide a top quality fence professionally installed.

Stock fence can be installed at the same time providing extra strength and stock proofing for a range of livestock.

" ... specialised machinery used
to ensure posts are driven in accurately "


 - no digging or concreting -
saving time and cost
on installation

More examples of wooden post and rail fencing supplied and installed in Great Leighs and Goldhanger.

post and rail net
rabbit net
stock net dog fence