Post Ramming

Post Ramming
We have a choice of hydraulic operated machines for post ramming to cover for different applications and conditions.

The machines are capable of driving in posts from 50mm wide to approx 350mm wide, and including railway sleepers. With larger posts it is beneficial to bore a pilot hole which makes installation easier and more accurate.

The main post driver is a purpose built, self propelled, high capacity post driver. It is mounted on tracks allowing it to work in most conditions and cope with most terrains.
It has a 400kg hammer which can be altered in all directions to enable accurate driving of posts.


" to ensure posts are driven in accurately " - no digging or concreting -

saving time and cost
on installation


....available on this machine is a post twister which helps line up square sawn posts to enable post and rail fencing to be installed with precision and saving on concreting posts in place.

The mini digger with post driver can reach slightly further, has the advantage of being tracked and is ideal for adding extra fence posts and replacing broken ones.

These machines are only available for hire with an experienced operator, and are capable of working all day, driving posts in to their optimum depth. We only carry out work within Essex.

Available for hire with an operator - guide costs are from £65.00 + VAT per hour - using posts supplied by Essex Field Fencing. From £80.00 + VAT per hour ramming in posts supplied by others.
There is a minimum hire time of 4 hours, and travel to site is part of the hire time.

Phone Andrew on 07980807604 for more details on our post ramming services.