Avant Compact Loader

"AVANT" Compact Loader

The "Avant" machine is a compact telescopic loader and power source for operating a wide choice of machines which can assist and minimise what would normally be manual operations, these include:

    • Mini Loader with general materials bucket
    • Pallet tines capable of lifting one tonne and operating off road
    • Post driver
    • Post borer
    • Mini trencher
    • Digging arm
    • Angle dozer / grading blade
    • Cement mixer
    • Wire / netting unroller
    • Wire winder to wrap up old fencing, including barbed wire
    • Winch for tensioning fencing

Weighing approx 1 tonne, operating on wide, low pressure tyres and with centre steering the Avant operates with minimum ground disturbance.

Only 1.2m wide, and a low height it can access small areas. .