Gate Theft Security

Secure Your Gate

Unfortunately gates are a prime target for countryside theft, made easy by the fact they are often located in remote locations.

When fitting new, or on existing gates, we can weld the hinges in key areas to minimise the risk of their theft, yet maintaining the ability to adjust them.

All galvanised areas which are welded are cleaned and painted with "Galvoid" to maintain their rust resistance.

On Site Welding

With our generator welder we can carry out agricultural type welding - repairs, maintanance and non structural construction. Being attached to our off road "Unimog" it is capable of getting to most places! More detail

New Product

PRESS FIT GATE SECURITY COLLAR - this stainless steel collar is easily fitted to the gate and prevents the gate being lifted of its' hinges - we stock the 19mm (3/4") size - £4.64 inc VAT each

Help and Advice on Gate Security

You might think - everything is now secure - The gate is locked !!

Always fit a security chain and lock - this gate can still be opened or the nuts undone and catch removed! Also check the other end of the gate cannot just be lifted of the hinges..

For further help and advice contact Andrew 07980807604