Gate Installation


We can supply and install field gates for fields and paddocks within the Essex area.

The Best and Most Cost Effective Way to Install a Field Gate

4.8m gate hung on 200mm diameter posts driven into the ground.

Our equipment can drive round gate posts directly into the ground, eliminating the need to concrete them in, they are instantly secure with little soil disturbance. Pointed posts 8' long are driven into the ground, 4' deep, to ensure a solid fixing.

Other Methods:

Hole bored - posts in place - packed tight with Type 1 MOT or concrete

Square sawn posts can be mechanically driven into the ground, or secured by packing with suitable material or with concrete. We can mechanically bore the hole and mix the cement on site.

It is important to be aware of any underground services which might be located in the area you wish to install a gate.

All gates we install have adjustable hinges so it is always possible to keep them level, and latches operating easily.

Unfortunately the theft of gates is getting more common, we can help deter the loss of your gates by welding the fittings so you can still adjust the gate, but it is difficult to remove. more details

Installing a Gate - DIY

With most common size gates, posts and fittings available ex stock, we can supply all you need to install gates yourself. We are very happy to help you select the most suitable gates and offer tips on how to install them. "Charlton Gates" show the full range of gates on their web site and also have a useful section illustrating gate installation. more details

Looking After Your Gate


All wooden gates we supply are pressure treated and require no further treatment, however, they can be stained or painted if you want any particular finish. Hardwood gates do benefit from additional treatment.

This gate was professionally painted before we installed it, and it shows how a field gate makes an impressive entrance.