Temporary – Division – Fencing

Temporary - Division - Fencing

Planning grazing is an important part of good paddock management and horse health, this can be done easily with electric temporary - division fencing.

Dividing paddocks with a temporary fence is an easy solution and the most common method is using electric fencing. If you have already used it on your boundary fences you have a ready supply which you can simply connect on to. Again you can use tape or rope, this time using plastic posts to support and space the fence lines. Avoid wide tape as it will be affected by the wind, ensure your fence is in a straight line and it will maintain its tension.

If you need to power just your temporary fence, you can use a battery energizer, but ensure that it has enough output for the length you require. Small energizers using “D” cell batteries will run a short length for 4-6 weeks, energizers using 9 volt batteries will power division and complete paddock fences, lasting from 3 to 9 months according to their capacity. A 12volt energizer generally can power larger areas, or be used on division fences, but it will need recharging every 4-6weeks. Solar energisers can also be used, but ensure they have sufficient output for the length of fence you require to power. Again the most reliable system is powered from the mains, and it can be worth installing an electric fence line on a permanent fence just to power division fences.