Post and Rail

Post and Rail fencing for horses

A very traditional and popular choice.

It can be constructed with two or three, half round or square edged rails.

...we only install fully round posts, normally 100mm diameter, as we don't recommend half round posts due to their  reduced strength and much shorter life span. We then normally attach a 100mm, half round rail using all galvanised fixings.
... or you can have square edge posts which are 125 x 75mm, with rails 38mm thick and either 87 or 100mm high rails.

Posts should be mechanically driven into the ground to ensure a good solid structure. This not only reduces the time required to erect a fence, it is far more cost effective than boring holes and then concreting the posts in.

Some horses can chew and rub against the fence causing damage. A simple electric fence fixed at the best height can prevent this and can also provide a circuit to power portable, electric, division fences.

Due to the cost of materials and the labour required to erect it, post and rail is more expensive than some other alternative fence types, but installed correctly is a very smart looking option which enhances the look of your stable area and paddocks.

Guide price for a two rail fence using 100mm fully round posts: Installed from: £ 12.75 + VAT per metre.

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