Horse Netting

Horse Net

Wire netting for horses - a practical solution to horse fencing.

Specifically designed for horses, the mesh sizes are designed to reduce the risk of injury and have a smooth finish. If erected professionally horse net will outlast most fence options and requires very little maintenance. Compared with other fencing, there is a saving on the amount of posts required and with the correct equipment it can be erected quickly, making it a very cost effective horse fence.

A timber rail on the fence top can be beneficial, but then post spacings have to be reduced and this adds to the cost. The best option to protect the net top, is to add an electrified wire which can also power division fences.

- The net has an added advantage of being a stock fence suitable for most animals, keeping your livestock and dogs in and others out !!
It is difficult to climb over, so adds security to your property and stock.

Horse net is available in several different heights and mesh variations. The normal heights used are 1.2m or 1.1m. If an additional electrified top wire is fitted to the 1.1m net the finished height of the fence is then 1.2m.

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Horse net installed for the Essex Police when based near Chelmsford


Horse net replacing old post and rail


installing horse net


Stile fitted within the horse net