Fence Protection

Protecting your post and rail fence

Horses can subject a wooden fence to a lot of wear and tear by just pushing and rubbing against it. They may try and jump it, and they may just bite and chew it, through boredom.

Rather than use barbed wire, a single strand of electrified fence will solve all these problems. This has an added benefit as you can then easily use it to power temporary division fences.

If the wooden fence is still good, then all that is required are some screw in insulators fitted at the appropriate height to support the electric fence, an energizer and earth system.

The fence material doesn’t need to be tape as the fence you are protecting should give the visual barrier a horse often needs, all you need to do is use a rope or good quality polywire. If the fence is not straight you will need to fit sufficient insulators to ensure that the electrified fence doesn’t contact the fence line and earth out.

If the fence you are protecting has deteriated so much it can not support the electric fence then you will need use new posts, either wood or plastic, and you should consider replacing the fence.

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