Solar Powered Energisers

Solar Powered Energisers

Solar powered energisers convert sunlight into power, which is stored in rechargeable batteries to provide power to your fence 24 hours a day in the grazing season. They can work just with daylight, so even on overcast days they are still operating.

However it is important to select the correct combination of solar panel, energiser and battery to create a system which suits the fence size and type you need to power.

Solar panels can be added to 12v battery powered energisers, these help maintain the charge in the battery, and extend the time intervals that is required before needing to charge the battery.

As solar power becomes more widely used, self contained energisers are now available incorporating the panel, energiser and battery. These generally are fully self sufficient and ideal for remote areas. It is important to check the output of these units as many will only power short fence lines such as division fences.

We can help select the best solar powered energiser for your needs. "Gallagher" are offering some of the most advanced and robust solar powered energisers available. They are quick and easy to install, many working for over 3 weeks without sunshine. Call Andrew on 07980807604 for help and advice.

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