Mains Powered

Mains Powered Energisers

A mains powered energiser provides the best and most reliable source of power, especially for large and permanent fence systems. They can be a basic design or larger units can have the most modern techknowledgy incorpoated which can add features such as remote operation and monitoring from your mobile phone.
The location for the enrergiser needs to be next to a standard 13 amp plug, in dry and weather proof location and as near to the fence line as practical. It is possible to use a lead out cable to carry the power to a fence and this needs to be a purpose designed cable.
All energisers have an earth wire, which needs to be connected to an earth stake. The earth stake needs to be galvanised and located at least 10 metre away from any mains electric earthing system and must not be connected to water or gas pipes. Earth stakes for mains powered energisers are generally much larger than those used with battery units, and often more than one is required as the power output is much greater.

Dual powered energisers are available, designed to be plugged into a mains supply or run from a 12 volt battery. These are basically battery powered units running of a transformer. Hotline Fencing have a range of units we stock, all excellent value units with a 2 years guarantee.

Prices of most popular energisers