Battery Powered

Battery Powered Energisers

Battery powered energisers are used mainly where mains power is not available. They are portable and can be located directly next to a fence line.
Some energisers have battery saving modes to extend the life of the battery, and some 12v energisers can have solar panels added to extend the interval required between battery charging

9V Energisers

Purpose designed, 9 volt batteries are an alternative battery, although you cannot recharge them, they are much more convenient, smaller, lighter and last much longer without attention. They often fit inside an energiser unit making them more portable. Many 9 volt energisers can be converted to run from a 12 volt battery.

Gallagher have a 9V energiser which is “2.8 times more economical than the average 9V device” – “The world’s most energy efficient battery energiser!”.
This makes the PowerPlus B40 energiser an ideal choice which will truly save you money and yet is good value right from day one. It comes complete with an earth stake and it is possible to purchase a camouflage cover which will help deter theft of your energiser. More details

12V Energisers

Batteries can be a 12volt, deep cycle wet cell type, commonly refered to as a leisure battery as used in caravans and on boats, car type batteries are not recommended. These batteries are rechargeable.

Generally, 12v energiser appeal to those prepared to re charge the batteries. It is possible to purchase solar panels to extend the charging times required as they help cahrge the battery. The "Gallagher" B11 energisers has a battery saving mode which also extends the charging times and is capable of running on back-up "D" cell batteries so it can continue working while the main, 12v battery is charged.More details

12V/ Mains Dual Powered Energisers

Dual powered energisers are available, designed to be plugged into a mains supply or run from a 12 volt battery. These are basically battery powered units running of a transformer. We stock the full range of this type of energiser from "Hotline", they are excelent value and have a two year guarantee. If you need power immediately, but haver planns to convert to mains power later, this is your ideal solution.

Prices of most popular energisers