Electric Fence Energisers

THE ENERGISER is the heart of any system, it makes a power source ( mains, battery or solar), into a high voltage pulse shock on an electric fence. This shock is very safe to both animals and humans, as long as the system is erected correctly. All our energisers comply with all the British and European Standards.

Only use one energiser for an electric fence circuit, and try to locate it at the centre of your fence run ( power is reduced at the end of a long run, its much better to create shorter runs, or complete a circuit )
The energiser capacity needs to be matched to the fence type, its length and the animal you wish to contain. We stock a large range of energisers to cover most applications and are very happy to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Mains energisers cost, on average less than £15 per year to run, battery powered energisers do, of course, cost a bit more.

To help decide which power source , mains, battery or solar go to Power Source.

Prices of most popular energisers