Earth System

Electric Fence Earth System

EARTHING your energiser is essential. The ground which your horse is standing on must be a similar voltage to the energiser. A poor earth will not provide sufficient voltage, the more powerful the energiser, the larger the earth system must be, using larger and more stakes. For small portable energisers, a 0.5 mtr. long stake should be adequate, for a larger 12 volt powered unit a, 1 mtr. will be required. Mains units need much better earth systems usually two or three stakes, 2 or 3 mtrs long, spaced 3 mtrs apart and linked together with suitable cable. Dry conditions can also affect the efficiency of the earth, the deeper you get your earth stakes, the better.

Only use galvanised earth stakes, copper and metal corrosion will soon cause problems.

Never connect the energiser earth to metal buildings, metal water pipes or mains electric earths. They must also be located at least 20 metres away from domestic Electric Supply Earth Stakes.