Electric Fencing for Poultry

Electric poultry fencing correctly installed, is the most cost effective, and efficient poultry fencing you can use for medium to large areas.

If you plan to make a permanent enclosure then use wooden posts with strained wire. We have working demonstration areas for customers to view options and techniques for permanent fencing.

Electric poultry net is quick and easy to erect, this makes it an ideal flexible enclosure. The net is sold in 50 mtr lengths. If several nets are installed in a line it is advisable to run an extra wire along the top for better conductivity.

Electric Poultry Kits

poultry-kit-hotline....... are available with either a 25m or 50m roll of net, All you need in addition is a lead out cable, if you choose to power it from the mains, or a 12v leisure type battery, if mains power is not available or practical.

There is approx 10% saving on cost by buying these kits, which are available from stock. Details on "Top Sellers"

Fence Line Indicator

horizont-line-lightFence indicators are connected directly to the fence line, we recommend ones which flash clearly only when there is more than 2,000v output. These provide a quick and easy check whenever you are near the fence, and are visible from a greater distance at night. When added to a chicken fence they increase the deterrent value of the fence as foxes seem to associate flashing light to the electric fence.

We recommend the "Horizont" Neon Flash Light (10424C)
Details on "Top Sellers"