How it Works

How Electric Fencing Works

The heart of the fence is the energizer, this can be powered by the mains, 9v or 12v batteries and even solar power.

An electric fence is a system through which electrical current flows. The current passes via the wire to the animal and then back to the unit via an earth system. The following items are required for the circuit:

* an energiser, which sends a current pulse down the fence line at regular intervals.
* fencing wire, tape or rope that carries the current.
* insulators that separate the current from the timber or steel posts, so that the current cannot leak to the ground.
* an animal that receives a pulse of current when it touches the fence, thereby completing the circuit.
* an earthing system that passes the current back to the energizer.

A few tips:

Mains operated energisers usually have more power and last longer as they are normally fixed permanently. Their running costs are also the most economic.
Keep your fence well maintained and free from vegetation growth.
Common problems are with poor earthing systems, poor connections or joins, failing insulators and the fence material coming into contact with the fence posts.

How to create a gateway:
Details of how to make an electric fence gateway