Permanent Fences

Permanent Electric Fencing

By selecting electric fencing designed for a permanent application you can get probably the most cost effective solution to fencing, especially on a large scale. It is essential to create an overall plan to design a fence to work effectively and to be reliable. The most common options of material are tape and rope mounted on wooden posts. When using a 40mm wide tape it is essential to use insulators which grip the tape to reduce movement within the insulator, which can wear the tape. In exposed areas the rope has the benefit of being less affected by the wind, it also requires less posts, uses cheaper insulators and is quicker to install.

When selecting your electric fence materials choose those with the best warranties against UV damage, this goes for both the fence material and any plastic fittings such as the insulators.

The wooden posts must be a good quality, the correct size, fully round posts with the best pressure treatment to ensure they last. It is best to seek advice and look at what you are buying before you decide, we have most posts in stock and with over 30 years experience can offer good advice.

The posts we supply are slow growing timber from the Baltic areas, pressure treated to a measured standard to provide a desired life of 15 year.

Connections and joins must be purpose designed parts, either made from stainlees steel or top quality galvanised.

We are happy to help select all the parts you need, backed by our knowledge of component durabilty.