Electric fencing for horses

Electric fencing for horses provides a physical and psychological barrier.

By selecting electric fencing designed for a permanent application you get the most cost effective solution to fencing, especially on a large scale. It is essential to create an overall plan to design a fence to work effectively and to be reliable. The most common options of material are tape and rope mounted on wooden posts. When using a 40mm wide tape it is essential to use insulators which grip the tape to reduce movement within the insulator, which can wear the tape. In exposed areas the rope has the benefit of being less affected by the wind, it also requires less posts, uses cheaper insulators and is quicker to install.
When selecting your electric fence materials choose those with the best warranties against UV damage.

To power your electric fence you need an energizer, this can be run from specially designed 9volt batteries, a 12v deep cycle (leisure) battery, solar power or mains electric. If possible always use a mains supply as this provides a continuous and reliable source of power, costing very little to run.

Electric fencing alone has a multitude of choices and variations, and with the best advice it is a popular choice for private and commercial users.

Guide price for two lines of 40mm tape: Installed from £4.50 + VAT per metre.
Guide price for three lines of rope: Installed from £3.35 + VAT per metre.

Electric fencing provides the best solution for temporary and semi permanent applications
and is ideal to divide paddocks. It is easy to install, and dismantle and so can easily be moved and reused wherever it is needed.


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