Fence Testers

Electric Fence Testers and Indicators

“Fence Testers” are essential to be able to measure the performance of the fence as they give an indication of the fence output, which needs to be at least 2,500 volts for most animals. They can help isolate the location of a problem, check the operation of energisers and earth systems.

The most basic testers only indicate that the fence is working, even this is a help and they are a handy pocket size and priced from £4.50.

Another basic but very handy fence tester, designed as a key fob. This tester bleeps as you approach a live electric fence, it can stay in your pocket and is ideally suited to country walkers aswell as stock keepers.
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Multi light testers are the most common style tester, they indicate the power output by the number of lights which show. Digital testers are the most accurate, but more costly. We recommned the "Horizont" Isotester 10000
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Digital Voltmeters supply exact information on the condition of the fence and energiser. It helps finding faults much easier.

Better still are digital testers with a fault finding system which actually directs you to where a problem on the fence is. Gallagher offer the "SmartFix" and HotLine the "Fault Finder".


Fence indicators are connected directly to the fence line, we recommend ones which flash clearly only when there is more than 2,000v output. These provide a quick and easy check whenever you are near the fence, and are visible from a greater distance at night. When added to a chicken fence they increase the deterrent value of the fence as foxes seem to associate flashing light to the electric fence.
We recommend the "Agrifence Signal Light"
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