Electric Fencing for Sheep

Electric fencing is the most cost effective solution to fencing for sheep. It is easy and quick to erect and can cover huge areas, which can then be divided.

The fence needs to be well maintained, kept tensioned and working at maximum output as the fleece does insulate the sheep, so it is important to have a minimum power of 2,500 volts on the fence.

Permanent Fencing

For permanent fencing it is best to use wooden posts with good quality insulators. Stronger posts are required at ends, direction changes and gateways. details on gateways

The most conductive and cost effeicient fence material is plain line wire, this is stronger than stranded wire and any poly type materials.
Also choose a mains powered energiser if it is possible, to ensure you have a constant and reliable current to your fence.

Temporary / Division / Strip Fences

Division fences can normally be powered by attaching to a boundary circuit, preferrably powered from a mains energiser. If the division fence needs power on its own there is a huge choice of battery and solar powered energisers.

The fence line can be supported by portable posts, metal or plastic.
The fence line needs to be made of a flexible material, either stranded wire or a poly wire. Thes are best stored on a reel which gives the fence flexibility on its length and keeps the line neat and tidy when being stored.

"SmartFence" from GALLAGHER

Gallagher have introduced a system, "SmartFence", a lightweight, self contained, very easy to erect and tension - temporary fence system. The system will cover a length up to 100m (330ft) and they can be linked to each other for longer lengths.  Details on "Best Sellers"