Electric fencing for ponds

Small ponds can often suffer fish loss from herons. Electric fencing can be a simpler and more practical solution than covering a pond with net. Electric fencing is safe for children and pets. It is quick and easy to install and costs very little to operate. Herons enter in from the pond edge, so a surround fence, preferably installed at angle, makes it harder for a heron to step over or wade in from the side. We stock an electric fence, “Heron Kit” designed to cover a 50 metre length, this can easily be extended with an “Accessory Kit”. More detail

Large ponds, reservoirs and gravel pits often need fencing to meet safety rules. These are often lightweight stock fence or multi lined wire. Specifications are often created by different authorities and may need to meet grant eligible standards.
Our machinery and expertise can be used to create fences for this purpose.