Otter Fencing


Over the past few years, as otter populations are on the increase, fishing lakes are now at risk of losing fish. Any deterrent measures and actions must be within the law as otters are a protected species.

Mink can also be an issue, not just for fish but also poultry. The advice offered by the Environment Agency is very useful, not only going into detail about the habits of otters and methods of excluding them, but also helping to identify between otters, mink and other wildlife which might be present within the area where you might have concerns.

We are a main supplier of Tornado Wire products who manufacture net specifically designed to deter otters.

Tornado wires manufacture three wires nets, designed especially for otter fencing,

  • The all in one net, the RL23/240/5, a 2.4m high net designed to be buried or folded at the base and then turned out at the top.
  • A combination of two nets, the RL19/180/5, a 1.8m high net with a hinged section for folding out or turning out at the top, and a RL6/50/5 net,
    a 500mm high net which can either be attached at the base or the top.
    The combination of the two nets gives more flexibilty to the design and is also easier to install in restricted areas.
  • The 1.8m high net, the RL19/180/5, can be used on its own to provide a much shorter fence by burying the base and folding out the top.

We can supply the posts, either Class 4 treated or pressure creosoted, the gates and angle brackets - everything you will need.

As fencing contractors we can help advise on the best way to install otter fencing - but we don't offer an installation service for it.

We are also a specialist electric fence supplier and can offer advice if you wish to use electric fencing as a deterrent.


Environment Agency - Otters
Tornado Wires - Otters

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