Dog fencing can be used to keep dogs in or out !

We offer two main options of fence, one for smaller areas and ideal for DIY installation - the other is more suited to longer fence lengths, requires some fencing knowledge, and is easier to install with specialised machinery and tools designed for field scale fencing.

Dog / Garden / Netting

WELD MESH - an ideal net for dogs, poultry and general security is available in various heights, two different wire thicknesses and is easy to install.

You have a choice of heights

900mm (3’) high, 1200mm (4') high and 1800mm (6') high.

900mm and 1200mm high rolls can have either 50mm or 25mm square holes and with a 1.2mm thick wire come in 30m rolls. They can be used to make aviary panels and pet enclosures as well as for fencing.

900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm high rolls with 50mm square holes are available in a 2.5mm thick wire and come in 25m rolls. These rolls are very strong, and can also be used for plant supports and mesh structures, as well as fencing.

dog weld mesh

Weld mesh fencing  has a galvanised finish, is strong and yet lightweight, constructed to form a rigid and safe fence with smooth sides to prevent accidental injury.

Installation just requires using 25/30mm staples to fix it onto suitably sized wooden posts all of which we have in stock. The ideal DIY Fence to contain dogs and pets, or to protect areas within the garden.

Dog / Large Garden & Estates

We can supply or install a lightweight stock fence, 1.2 metres high which can provide a very cost effective boundary dog fence in large gardens and on estates. The net is fixed and tensioned onto wooden posts which are driven into the ground. The installation of this type of fence needs to be carried out with specialised machinery to create a fence which will require little maintenance, and provide security of mind, that your dogs will not stray. It also ensures that unwelcome dogs cannot enter your property.

PLEASE NOTE: For us to install this type of fencing we do require good access and a clear site to enable us to operate our machinery. Some of our machinery operates on rubber tracks which works well on long straight lines, but can cause temporary surface damage when turning.

Specification / wire spacing for the above fence - see diagram on right -

It is possible to attach a rabbit net to the same fence posts if you also want to deter rabbits entering your grounds.

It can also be attached to a new or established post and rail fence.

It works well when used with post and rail fencing.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can be used to contain dogs in gardens and estates, or used to keep dogs away from areas such as flower beds and ponds. We stock a “Domestic Kit” designed to cover a 25 metres length which can easily be made longer with an “Extension Kit”.    More detail on kits