Fencing for dogs

Dog fencing with the durability and practicality of a livestock fence is often required for large gardens. Most domestic fencing is more decorative and not suited for pets and animals. We retail suitable fencing materials for small gardens and yards where DIY is the best option.

For installation work we use large machinery and can only operate where space allows, but on long lengths, with good access we can offer a very cost effective solution to keep dogs and animals in or out!!

Fencing for Aviaries

Aviaries often need a fence to deter cats, and electric fence is a very effective way of adding this protection. We can supply everything you need to fence your aviary.

Fencing for garden ponds

Small garden ponds can need fence protection against herons and domestic animals and again electric fencing is a good solution.

Fencing for fishing lakes

Fishing lakes which have issues with otters and mink require very specialised fencing to protect the fish stocks.

Large ponds, reservoirs and gravel pits often need to be fenced for safety reasons.