Stock Net – Explained

Stock net or stock fencing comes in many variations to suit different purposes. To identify the stock fence design they are all given a "Style Code" such as C8/80/15.

The letters denote the wire type:
L = Light Mild Steel
C - Medium Mild Steel
B - Heavy Mild Steel
LHT - Light High Tensile
HT - High Tensile

The number after the letter(s) denotes how many horizontal wires are in the fence.
The middle numbers are the fence height in centimeters.
The last number is the distance between the vertical wires.

This formula is universal with all manufacturers of stock fence.
It can relate to fencing suitable for sheep to deer and includes fences designed for deterring badgers and otters.

Tornado Wires, as manufacturers have created even more choice of stock net, and offer some specialist fences for lambs, called "Lambsafe" and a "Pheasant Friendly" fence giving game birds free access while retaining sheep and cattle.

When selecting the stock net you require, look at the options, as cost savings can be made buying fences with less line wires and bigger spacing. High tensile fences are stronger than mild steel, but mild steel is easier to use.