ELECTRIC FENCE is often used, more commonly for temporary fencing. The electric fence has to be working well, as the sheep are well insulated with their wool.
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STOCK FENCE- can vary in height, and come in different strengths. The strongest is made from high tensile wire and this is the most commonly used commercially, but it is harder to work with and install. To create a good fence large straining posts and good supports are required at any severe change of direction. The fence is then tensioned onto these strain posts and requires specialised equipment to be able to tighten the net sufficiently.
Tornado Wire Ltd., also manufacture a fence specially designed for sheep and lambs called "Lambsafe". This is designed to reduce the risk of ewes becoming caught in the fence, which can be a problem with horned breeds.



We can install stock fence in long continuous lengths using rolls 250 or 500 mtrs long, so reducing the number of joins. The wire is mechanically unrolled and tensioned all with one machine enabling long fence runs to be installed very cost effectively.


Due to the strength of the high tensile fencing we use, strong straining structures are constructed to keep the wire tensioned. The fencing is never connected directly to gate posts as they would move and the gate would soon misalign. The gap between the fence and gate post is filled using rails. This design ensures your stock fence will last for years with minimal maintenance.

stock net
stock net installed