Fencing for rabbits

With rabbits becoming more of a problem you can use traditional netting,either buried or folded, or electric fencing to help reduce the damage they can cause.

Hexagonal Wire Netting

This traditional wire netting is available in several thicknesses, heights and qualities. If you choose the buried style of fencing we would recommend using the best quality net to cope with being in ground contact and it is viewed as a more permanent fence than the folded system. Whatever method you choose always go for the best quality you can afford, as it will be the best value long term.

We have a range of machinery specially designed to install all rabbit netting. This ensures the net is buried at a consistent depth, posts are driven home securely and support wires tensioned correctly.

Electric Rabbit Fencing

For a permanent fence it is always best to run an electric energiser off a mains supply to power your fence. Electric fencing using multi stranded wire, is a cost effective option, easy to install and maintain.

For a temporary solution look into fitting an electric fence which is easy to install, remove, re-site and re-use and powered by a battery or solar powered energiser. This can be either electrified netting, which comes in 50 metre lengths, which can be joined together, or you can use plain stranded wire on plastic posts. The stranded wire can cover long, continuous lengths very effectively, but must be kept clear of excessive vegetation as it will reduce the power from the fence.


If you require netting or electric, materials only, or a supply and install service give a call to 01245 380061 or 07980807604 for more information.