Electric fencing for pigs

Electric Fence Pigs

Pigs can easily be contained with electric fencing, and it is the most common fencing used on large commercial pig farms, where the units are often only temporary and the pigs are part of a farm cropping rotation for the land.

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Smaller field areas can also be electric fenced, or a low wire stock fence is sufficient, so long as it has substantial posts. An electric fence is often fitted with the stock fence to stop the pigs pushing against the stock fence.

Stock fence

Pig Netting

Close mesh, heavy duty netting, with top and bottom rails creating a very strong pig pen. This pen would also be suitable for other livestock such as sheep, goats and chickens. Chickens would require additional electric fencing as a fox deterrent.

Stock fence can vary in height, and come in different strengths. The strongest is made from high tensile wire and this is the most commonly used commercially, but it is harder to work with and install. To create a good fence large straining posts and good supports are required at any severe change of direction. The fence is then tensioned on to these strain posts and requires specialised equipment to be able to tighten the net sufficiently.

A mild steel stock fence is available in 50metre lengths and this is easier to use in small DIY applications.