Deer Fencing

There are 4 species of deer known in Essex - Fallow, Roe, Muntjac and in some areas of North Essex, Red Deer.  Due to the vary nature of the deer they require different degrees of fencing with Muntjac trying to push through and under, and Fallow and Row jumping over.

This means that a lower fence approx 1.5m high is sufficient to deter Muntjac, but you need to be looking at fencing nearer 1.8 metres high to stop other species jumping over. You don't want to create a fence in which deer are going to get caught, whether it is their heads stuck in the mesh or feet caught as they jump over, so you need to design the fence to whatever problem you have.

Often rabbit damage can be an issue alongside the devastation that deer can cause, and it is possible to attach rabbit net to a deer fence or create a custom designed fence using combinations of one size fence at the base and another attached above.

Our fencing equipment is designed to cope with the extra issues of ramming in taller posts and tensioning tall net fences. Specialised gates can be purchased and installed to complete an enclosure and still provide easy access or we can help organise the fitting of cattle grids.

With over 300 deer farms in this country you might just want to keep deer fenced in. Generally mesh to retain deer has smaller holes and with "Tornado Wires" manufacturing over 18 different formats of fence suitable for deer you will be able to keep deer under control, whatever side you might want to have them!

For help and advice on what fencing is best for your situation just contact either Andrew or Janette on 01245380061 or contact us by email.